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Monday, March 23, 2015

Changes Are A Comin'

I've been asked a lot if Evelyn knows what's going on with the baby coming.  And if I'm being honest, I really think she knows exactly what's going on.  She really has been so sweet about all of the different baby things going on, and she says things every once in a while that make us think that she really is aware that a baby is coming. 

It started a few weeks ago with the change to a big girl bed.  We moved the crib into the baby's room and any time we are in there she points out her old crib.  We talk about how she's such a big girl now she doesn't need a crib anymore, that it's for baby.  After hearing this once or twice she said, "Evelyn share crib with baby."  And ever since then it has been baby's crib.

She has also just been so aware of me and what I need.  She tries to help me up off the floor or her bed, and just loves being helpful.  "I help, Mommy.  You okay?"  She also constantly feels my belly and gives it pats and kisses because she loves baby. 

The best moment came when Steve put the baby car seat back in the car.  When Evelyn got into the car the next day and saw the other seat there she wanted to know what it was.  When we explained that it was the car seat for the new baby she got a look of pure delight on her face.  "Baby sit next to ME?"  She was so excited that she is going to sit next to her baby.  Every time we get in the car she points out the seat and reminds me that the baby is going to sit next to her. 

Maybe I'm just looking for proof that she's going to be okay when this new baby comes, but I really think she knows what's about to happen and is at least a little bit excited about it.  I know that there's still going to be some major adjustment for her, and the rest of us, but I think she's at least as prepared as she can be.  We will know soon enough I suppose!   

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Public Service Announcement...

A week or so ago I was complaining to a friend about all of the incredibly insensitive things that people say to someone who is pregnant.  It may have been more than complaining.  I was pretty perturbed by some of the things people feel they can say.  I guess people got the word that it's not okay to touch a pregnant woman's belly anymore, so now I guess people think they can just make comments on how you look.  So, I bring to you the top 5 things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman, or at least not to me!

5. "Are you sure you aren't having twins?"  Of course I'm sure...but thanks for implying that I'm so big there must be two babies in there. 

 4. "You'll never make it to your due date!"  Again...the implication that I'm ginormous.  The only good thing about this comment is that it makes me all the more determined to get to and past my due date, despite how uncomfortable I am. 

 3. "I don't think you could get any bigger!"  Well, in fact I can get bigger.  But thanks. 

 2. "Are you as uncomfortable as you look?"  Well now that you mention it, I hadn't realized just how uncomfortable I was until you pointed it out to me. 

I thought long and hard about if I should include this last thing to never say to a pregnant woman because I don't want to offend anyone, but I consulted with my people and have been told to just go with it!

1. "You're having a boy/girl BECAUSE..."  It's not about having a guess.  It's fun to take a guess about what someone is having, and I don't mind when people tell me their guess.  It's the BECAUSE that ends up driving me nuts.  You're having a boy BECAUSE you're carrying totally different from your last pregnancy.  Seriously?!?!  It was over two years ago...I can't remember what I ate yesterday, but you remember what I looked like two years ago??  Then proceed to tell me I'm carrying all in front, which is also exactly what people told me last time.  I had some friends tell me that they were told they were having a girl BECAUSE the baby was stealing all of their beauty.  Honestly??

On the other are some things that are always alright to say to a pregnant lady. 

5. "You look beautiful!"  I was in Starbucks the other day and a total stranger came up to me and said that all pregnant women are just beautiful and that I looked wonderful.  Totally made my day. 

4. "Would you like a foot rub?  Or your back rubbed?"  Probably a little weird if a stranger says this, but alright if you know the person.

3. "Can I bring you some ice cream? Chocolate?  Cake?"  The answer is always yes, and don't forget the milk!

2. "You're totally rockin' those horizontal stripes!"  I'm totally scared to wear horizontal stripes at any other time than being pregnant, and I have a friend who makes it her job to point out how great they look on a pregnant woman.  :)

And the absolute best thing you can say to a pregnant woman...

1. "You're going to be a great mom!" or "Evelyn is going to be such a great big sister because you're such a great mom!"  Probably the hardest part of a first pregnancy is wondering how you're going to do once that little person comes out, and then you spend the subsequent pregnancies worrying about how your kid(s) are going to handle a new baby.  A little reassurance that it's going to be fine is exactly what a pregnant woman needs to hear!

So there you have it.  The things to NEVER say to a pregnant woman, and the things you should be saying to a pregnant woman.  I have to tell you all, I came up with five things that drive me nuts in about 5 minutes.  It took me a lot longer and I had to reach out to some friends for ideas about the positive things to say.  What did people say to you while pregnant that totally rubbed you the wrong way, or totally made your day? 


Thursday, March 5, 2015


Lots of changes in the Lane house these days.  We have started to prepare for baby with some room rearranging.  The first step was to tear out some seriously awful carpet in our "office" room - aka the room that holds everything that we can't find a home for.  We've been busy trying to get rid of things because a lot of the stuff in that room has been sitting there untouched since we moved in over a year ago.  With the new carpet put in, we were finally able to get the furniture moved around and now have a designated guest room and finally a room for baby.  This meant that the twin mattress that was to become Evelyn's big girl bed now needed to find its proper place in her room.

Transitioning Evelyn to a big girl bed was actually quite easy.  Ever since the mattress arrived Evelyn has been checking it out and calling it her bed, so we were fairly certain that she was interested in sleeping in her bed and didn't anticipate much trouble.  Once we got the crib out of her room, we put the mattress and box spring right on the floor so that there is little risk of falling far if she rolls out.  I had a feeling that more trouble would come from moving the rocking chair into the baby's room.  And my concern was correct when that first night Evelyn asked, "Where cuddle chair?"  Break. My. Heart!  Daddy assured her that the best part of a big girl bed was that we could read books and cuddle right there on her bed.

The first nap and night was a little rough requiring a little extra time resting with her than usual, but after that first day, it was like she'd been sleeping there from the beginning.  We put a gate up at the top of the stairs finally, totally expecting her to climb out all the time.  But for almost two weeks she has not moved from the bed when she wakes up.  She sits right there in the middle and cried or called for us to come and get her.  It actually was kind of great.  That ended this morning, when for the first time she realized that she was awake and could get out and play with toys or read books.  It bought about five more minutes of quiet for Mommy, but she soon became curious about what was going on elsewhere in the house and came looking for me.

With all of the changes taking place, we decided to have Evelyn's Special Day.  You know what I'm talking about...just like Jon and Kate and their special days with each of their 8 kids.  And to make it special for Mommy and Daddy, too, we planned to meet up with some friends at the Baltimore Aquarium.  We had a great time at the aquarium, and were all exhausted by the end of the day.  Evelyn made the day even more special for Mommy and Daddy by sleeping in her big bed until 9:00 the next morning!

Evelyn loved the turtles the best!

**I wrote this post about two weeks ago, but was having a hard time with the pictures.  Since then, Evelyn has fallen out of the bed twice.  She continues to get out of bed in the morning and sometimes after a nap, but we figured that was fine because at least she wasn't getting out at night.  As I sat here writing this, she suddenly appeared in the kitchen.  Looks like she's getting more and more comfortable with her big girl bed the longer she sleeps in it!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daddy Can Do Anything!

This morning Evelyn looked out the window and noticed that there just isn't much snow on the ground any more.  She found the limited snow cover very unsatisfactory.  The following conversation took place:

Evelyn: Need more snow Mommy!

Me: Well the snow all is melting.

Evelyn: No, need more!

Me: Well maybe it will snow again soon and there will be more on the ground.

Evelyn: No, it's okay.  Daddy get.  Daddy get more snow.

And that was that.  The answer was simple.  Daddy was going to save the day and get more snow.  Daddies can do anything after all.

Flash forward to this evening and I picked Evelyn up at my parents' house.  I told them about Evelyn's request this morning.  As luck would have it, as we walked out to go home flakes were starting to fall.  We spent a few minutes looking at the snow falling and Grampy said, "Look Evelyn, Daddy got you more snow!"

By the time Evelyn and I got home the snow was falling just a little quicker and Evelyn was having a good time watching it fall and cover the driveway.  As we walked in the door Evelyn looked at me and said, "Good job Daddy!  Daddy listen! Daddy a good boy!"

Friday, January 9, 2015

Bested by a Two Year Old

Today I was outsmarted by my two year old for the first time.  This is what I know will be the first of countless similar occurrences.  And it really was so simple...

As we walked out of the winter concert at Evelyn's daycare today (which was quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life!), the kids were handed little treat bags of marshmallows and chocolate chips.  The moment we were strapped in the car, Evelyn proceeded to ask for some.  After having a stomach bug earlier this week, we have been trying to stick to mild foods, but the thought of the car ride home with her begging for marshmallows wasn't very pleasant.  So I handed her a few marshmallows, hoping it would satisfy her.  Yea right.

Approximately 15 marshmallows later, she was still asking for more, but I decided enough was enough and I employed one of the oldest parent tricks in the book.  "The marshmallows are all gone!"

Without even skipping a beat she replied, "Give me bag!"  And the tone was just priceless.  It said, "Oh yea, Mom?  The marshmallows are gone?  Go ahead and prove it!"  Needless to say, she ended up with a few more marshmallows.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Get out the Energy

With being out of school for a week and the weather being a little colder, we've been inside a lot.  Ok, the colder weather comment is mostly because it's getting just a little bit difficult to zip up my coat these days.  But as a result, Evelyn has been a little rammy due to there not being as much going on as she's used to at school.  A while back I mentioned I wanted to write monthly about how we try to keep Evelyn entertained, as that has been one of the hardest things about having a toddler.  Well, this is finally going to be another post along those lines!

On New Year's Day Steve and I were both exhausted from staying up late (although not until midnight...and I have no shame in admitting it!).  Evelyn was tired, too, having partied hard with her girlfriends and not falling asleep until 11:00!

We decided to go to Longwood Gardens, where we have a membership.  We love Longwood no matter what the season.  There is plenty to do outdoors, as well as a huge indoor conservatory.  We love going on rainy weekends because no one thinks to go to a garden in the rain, and we usually have the conservatory to ourselves with nice, long pathways for Evelyn to run and skip down.  They have an indoor and outdoor childrens' garden, and a change of clothes is a must as water fountains play a big part in the childrens' areas!  If you are a parent of a toddler and live in the West Chester area, I highly recommend looking into a membership if you don't have one already.  If you don't live in the area, I would seriously suggest looking into local gardens/please touch museums/anything kid friendly and consider a membership if you know you will use it.  We go to Longwood at least once a week in the summer, and now that it's winter we still go about once a month.  It has gotten to the point that Evelyn actually asks to go.  If you decide to do a membership somewhere, I have done some pricing, and I have found that, in general, if you use your membership two or three times, you have gotten your money's worth, and many come with a few guest passes.  

So, on New Year's Day, we all got some fresh air, and Evelyn got to run out some of her energy:

And Mommy and Daddy were rewarded later when she took a nice, long nap!  Happy New Year to you all.  Thank you for reading my sporadic attempts at blogging, and stay tuned as I'm sure that come March I will have a brand new outlook on being a parent to two!  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday Number 2!

I am in complete and utter shock that my child has gone from this on the day she was born:

To her first birthday:


To her second birthday:

How has she become the kid who breaks out into song when she's in a good mood?  And how did she learn all of those songs in the first place (thank you day care!)?  

How did she become the lovable little girl who talks about the friends and family she hasn't seen in weeks?  And the friendly girl who says hi! to every single person she passes (We are going to have to work on stranger danger in the future.  Also, for crying out loud, what kind of person doesn't say hi back to that face??)

How did she become the smart girl who knows that she can delay bedtime just a few more minutes by asking for one more book or, as a very last resort, for a cuddle?  

Her sense of humor (FUNNY!), her ability to sense when others are sad or hurt (you okay Mommy?), and her stubbornness (no brush teeth!!!) are also some of my favorite things about her.  

I know everyone says it goes by so fast, but with each passing day she learns something new and I am just absolutely amazed at the person she is becoming and I love each day wondering what that new thing will be.